Who am I?

Awaken Listener, Dream holder, Integrator, Dancer, Artist…

What level would you like to know me?

I’m a mystic, getting understanding from observing surrounding. I’m aware that surrounding is a reflection of my inner universe – feelings and mind. And I’m getting in touch with my body and sensation with fire process and dancing to explore the inner universe deeper. I have become really sensitive to emotional and energetic changes. Through aiming to unity I have become aware of a bigger body. My perception of outstretched and understanding of the inner emotional universe is coming in place. I’m awakened in yin as yang world. Consciously listening yin-dark aspect of being and heading to light – yang. 

One time I have stumble upon my awakening of where I stand in universe and what is my journey. Bringing Elohim and Crystal consciousness on Earth through integration and harmonizing in the Gaia realm.  My natural position is to integrate, reflect and harmonize. Zero position. Our individualistic society doesn’t value much zero’s quality, so by coming out and writing this presentation I needed to become someONE to be active and bring my masculine-human self in balance. Although the point of zero is essential for the integration and harmonizing (continuity of balance). That’s a paradox and cosmic joke of this webpage.

I have been creating for years temporary communities Rainbow gatherings (in Romania, Portugal, Czech Republic…), networking and supporting communities across the planet (Stay Natural, Lorien, Mlyn, KulturTemple), creating contact-improvisation communities (in Prague and Bucuresti), working with emotional hygiene tool of Ecstatic Dance Evolution, supporting and dreaming with individuals on their life-path and consulting corporate processes and governance (eg. Boston Consulting Group)


Can you imagine a dream that all dreams come true? That’s what I focus on. Quite a wide one. There are priorities according to the frame we move on. When we look at our western society, there is an imbalance of masculine and feminine aspects of being. In general, the western world focuses more on activity and creation – Yang and doesn’t value much Yin aspect of quality of passivity, embracing what is coming, listening, empathy.

So one focus is peace between masculine and feminine. 

Important focus is to serve the need. When we are in need, people are in distress and that cuts the intelligence and responsibility. So we can understand it as supporting Yin.

Hand in hand is service to mutually shared bliss.

In a group dynamic, I carry the quality of balance – differentiate extremes and see the balance point. Reflect upon it. Balance in motion is harmony. And harmonious environment serves co-creative, open communication, heart-full living.

We are on the next great turning in our planetary civilization. Living at the style and pace we are consuming the planet faster than it can recreate itself. I lead into Gaia consciousness – seeing the planet as a living organism and serve it as custodians. sustainability is key.

And bringing in awareness the importance and quality of Mirror and Dreamer role…


I’m embodying quality within. How to bring it out? It’s happening by itself although it can be magnify. Through collective opening and connecting. When we open and step into the oneness and heart consciousness and aim can be  transferred.

One of the profound tool is a bonfire. Fire is the center of our focus and we bring in is magnify. I work with Berber’s tradition passed by Kobi Ben-David – Citizen of Earth and updated by Gaia Well-beloved Trust. It’s a process of harmonizing the collective group. It can be done seamlessly on the background as well as ceremonial focused session. Each fire session can be customized accordingly. 

Another tool is Dance. When we enter the collective journey. We naturally open and enter the heart.  I open imaginary fire and lead people into unity and harmonizing the group. I use combined tools Contact improvisation, Ecstatic Dance ,QigongYoga Nidra, Reconnect Dance and Social Presencing Theatre.

Circle culture is another tool for moving into unity. As space holder I can lead group dynamic to different aims – as community building (Dragon Dreaming), Hearht Sharing through the encouragement of sharing of what is present in the Now.

I work with the unknown and unseen. I’m highly sensitive and can see who is disconnected from the collective, where is the attention needed or where is an excess and or loss of energy which can be harmonized collective fire/center. 



An artistic happening where forms are mixed.

Community – Intentional co-living community

Let’s aim for ideals and not less. Co-living community with the aim for ideal structure and content to content us 🙂 Currently developing The Sangha Užovky.

Theatre Hero-Zero

How can we hack the Matrix? Where is margin what culture is? Philosophical deep sondage into our lives of current 2020 madness.

previously done

Journey to Africa 2018

With Uri Noy Meir we organized a self-exploratory journey into Senegal in the fall of 2018. Providing tools of Social Theater, Forum Theater, Contact Improvisation, and Ecstatic Dance. Explore the inner world and local African communities.

Temporary Community creation

I humbly claim responsibility on co-creation of European Rainbow Gathering 2014 in Romania and Iberian Healing Gathering 2016 in Portugal

Events, dances, celebration

I have created/produced or be part of numerous celebrations, concerts, dance journeys, and artistic events. eg.
Ecstatic Dances
Dhrupad concerts and Naad Yoga workshops

Community networking – whole life project

There are plenty of communities focused on sustainable living, mindfulness and reconnecting with nature. And many people are interested in this way of living but they don’t have enough information about the communities. We facilitate the connection.

Contact me

Are you interested in any of my services? Providing it world-wide 🙂 Let’s get in touch. You can contact me through facebook or email jakub@netplanet.cz. Also we can schedule a call over google meet. Use the booking form bellow.